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Published: Sat Jul 1 2006
Eva Lundsager, Were now like (detail), 2021, oil on canvas

How quickly the faces avert themselves, the red light gleaming in the corner
where it was where I was not looking.

Now I know why frogs came and collected themselves in my chambers,
making travel music in their throats.

Each rock contains a powder, and stars are dark, just underneath their skins.
The lump is discovery awaiting.

Today there was a film of the grass to see, and when it was made. The Continental
passed it with its strange winged doors.

Twice. I kept gluing myself to feathers, and every other foolish and delicate thing
that smelled like forever.

My face swells a passport. I take sugar without my tea, I tell the attendant.
Eyes don’t age, she says.

Roman numerals, you ask of me, can you read them? No I say, I cannot read
them, before I say, Yes, yes I can.

Theodore Worozbyt is the author of the chapbook A Unified Theory of Light, published by Dream Horse Press, and a full-length collection, The Dauber Wings, winner of the first American Poetry Journal Book Prize, which will be released in early 2007. New work appears in CrazyhorseImageMargieNew England ReviewNoon: The Journal of the Short PoemNorth American ReviewParis/Atlantic JournalPloughsharesPoetry, Poetry DailyThe Southern Review, and Verse Daily. (updated 11/2006)

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