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Published: Tue Oct 15 1974
Wosene Worke Kosrof, The Inventor V (detail), 2022, acrylic on linen. Courtesy of Sullivan Goss Gallery, Santa Barbara, California
oh, mama window

today, you look so neat & bright, today

seurat, old saxophone joe, seurat

the air of rhyming: verse & reverse


the poem is fucking

warm spores

old saxophone joe is a pipe
monsieur seurat is a painter
well represented in chicago

mother’s always remarkable

the dead deer appears manufactured

where are my scissors, he shouts

buttermilk, one of life’s great pleasures

the smile in the voice
the smile in the voice produced by the body

a simple rhythm, & gaps

the way we appear with

maximal polynesian clarity


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Anselm Hollo is a Finnish poet and translator. He has published over forty titles of poetry in the UK and US and received honors including the Harold Morton Landon Translation and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poets Foundation. (updated 6/2010)

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