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Published: Thu Apr 30 2020
Welcome, one and all—to the Virtual Launch of AGNI 91

Welcome to issue 91, the first to present work chosen by our newly broadened masthead!

For this event we’ve gathered videos from around the world, filmed by our contributors, who, like the rest of us, are isolating in response to the novel coronavirus. This digital event was spurred by the pandemic, but celebrating in a distanced way has the advantage of bringing together many who, even in the best of times, would not be able to meet up in person. Nearly every contributor takes the stage here, and anyone with Internet access, and the freedom to point their browsers as they choose, can join the audience.

Our launch comprises several related posts. In one, the editors introduce themselves, and elsewhere we’ve grouped contributors’ readings by genre. But below, all of the titles in the new spring issue appear in sequence. Nearly every one of them tops a video, and all link to the story, poem, or essay from #91. We invite you to watch, listen, read, and be transported.

—The Editors

AGNI 91’s full roster of new writing is available online for the next three months. Please know that, as always, this issue lives first and best in print. Buying it is just one of the ways you can support our work. We are grateful for funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mass Cultural Council, and a roster of more than 100 engaged individual donors. We toast them, too, as we raise a glass to AGNI 91!


William Pierce’s introductory essay “The Peculiarities of Literary Meaning


Martha Witt’s short story “Nuraghi


Maurine Ogonnaya Ogbaa’s short story “Goodbye


Benjamin S. Grossberg’s poem “In the Late Days of the Republic


Katherine Fallon’s poem “Glacial


Heather Sellers’s poem “Accidental Practitioners


Anya Silvers’s poem “To the Poet


Xujun Eberlein’s essay “The Summer before Thirteen


Jiaming Tang’s essay “Where Flowers Bloom but Have No Scent


Aurko Maitra’s short story “Decades


Alice Pettway’s poems “The Dead of Winter” and “Sacrifice


Will Cordeiro’s poem “Unregenerate Pastoral


Cynthia Manick’s poem “There Are No Unsacred Spaces


Gina Franco’s poem “We Want Everything of Value to Be Eternal


Kate Li’s poem “As Relic, As Remnant


Adeniyi Ademoroti’s short story “Desire


David Crouse’s short story “The Black Bear Month


Ivan Ruccione’s short story “Departures,” translated by Sara Russell


Shauna Mackay’s short story “The Bend


Featured Artist Christopher Cozier’s essay “Dark Cycles/Circles


Jaz Sufi’s poem “Every Part of the Animal


Dawn Tripp’s poems “Looking for Arrowheads,” “The Gate,” and “Night in August


Susan Jackson Rodgers’s short story “Lou


Ann Hood’s essay “Stop Breath


Christine Gosnay’s poem “I Can’t Remain Here


Leslie Sainz’s poems “Mal de Ojo” and “Sonnet for Obatala


Laura Villareal’s poem “Mother // Monster****”


Mairead Small Staid’s poems “Demeter, Midwinter” and “Watching the Eclipse with Weldon Kees


Debra Nystrom’s essay “Dream of the Subjunctive


Cathryn Klusmeier’s essay “Gutted


Sasha West’s poem “The Long Emergency


Glenn Shaheen’s poem “Generation Loss


Alen Hamza’s poem “Action at a Distance


Steven Sanchez’s poem “Ode to Syphilis


Emily Mohn-Slate’s poem “People at Yellow Lights Scrolling


Benjamin Gucciardi’s poems “Outside Tallahassee” and “The Invisible Hand Knocks Twice


D. Nurkse’s poem “Our Defeat


Jackie Craven’s poem “Under a Calder Mobile, August 1959


Ciera Horton McElroy’s short story “Donny Q


Mervyn Seivwright’s “Manhood’s Gambit” and “Chess Piece Patterns


Jay Wickersham’s poem “My Great-Grandfather’s Chair


Richard Tillinghast’s poem “Early Church


Sandra McPherson’s poem “Class Art / Art Class: Sutter Psych Hospital****”


Colin Channer’s poems “The Fat Man Spoke of Fish” and “The Fixed Mutability of Things


Armen Davoudian’s “Aubade


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poem “Wanderer’s Night Song (II),” translated by James Richardson

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