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Published: Thu Apr 30 2020
Welcome to the Virtual Launch of AGNI 91—Poetry Edition

Welcome to the AGNI 91 poetry launch! (There’s also an all-genre page and a page of videos by our editors.)

We’re excited to present the first issue that we edited together as part of the newly expanded masthead. Early in our editorial process, it became clear that we shared a mutual understanding: we valued poetry written by poets from all walks of life, and, perhaps more important, we were sensitive to poems that energized us through a speaker’s use of rhythm, form, and imagination. Wide-ranging in aesthetic and theme, the poems and translations in AGNI 91 are committed to a singular music and an essential vision that arrive like visitations across time and distance from one solitude to another. We are honored and delighted to build a doorway for this gathering.

—The Poetry Editors

AGNI 91‘s full roster of poetry is available online for the next three months. Please know that, as always, this issue lives first and best in print. Buying it is just one of the ways you can support our work.


Benjamin S. Grossberg’s poem “In the Late Days of the Republic


Katherine Fallon’s poem “Glacial


Heather Sellers’s poem “Accidental Practitioners


Anya Silvers’s poem “To the Poet


Alice Pettway’s poems “The Dead of Winter” and “Sacrifice


Will Cordeiro’s poem “Unregenerate Pastoral


Cynthia Manick’s poem “There Are No Unsacred Spaces


Gina Franco’s poem “We Want Everything of Value to Be Eternal


Kate Li’s poem “As Relic, As Remnant


Jaz Sufi’s poem “Every Part of the Animal****”


Dawn Tripp’s poems “Looking for Arrowheads,” “The Gate,” and “Night in August


Christine Gosnay’s poem “I Can’t Remain Here


Leslie Sainz’s poems “Mal de Ojo” and “Sonnet for Obatala


Laura Villareal’s poem “Mother // Monster


Mairead Small Staid’s poems “Demeter, Midwinter” and “Watching the Eclipse with Weldon Kees


Sasha West’s poem “The Long Emergency


Glenn Shaheen’s poem “Generation Loss



Alen Hamza’s poem “Action at a Distance


Steven Sanchez’s poem “Ode to Syphilis


Emily Mohn-Slate’s poem “People at Yellow Lights Scrolling


Benjamin Gucciardi’s poems “Outside Tallahassee” and “The Invisible Hand Knocks Twice


D. Nurkse’s poem “Our Defeat


Jackie Craven’s poem “Under a Calder Mobile, August 1959


Mervyn Seivwright’s “Manhood’s Gambit” and “Chess Piece Patterns


Jay Wickersham’s poem “My Great-Grandfather’s Chair


Richard Tillinghast’s poem “Early Church


**Sandra McPherson’s poem “Class Art / Art Class: Sutter Psych Hospital****”


Colin Channer’s poems “The Fat Man Spoke of Fish” and “The Fixed Mutability of Things


Armen Davoudian’s “Aubade


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s poem “Wanderer’s Night Song (II),” translated by James Richardson

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