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Published: Mon May 11 2020
Eva Lundsager, A Pause (detail), 2021, oil on canvas
The Editors Come Forward for the Virtual Launch of AGNI 91

In March, during our first Covid-era meeting, someone floated the idea of a virtual launch. It was already clear no one would be gathering in late spring, when we usually throw a party in Boston. Besides, AGNI’s contributors live across the globe—this way all of them could take part. Others quickly proposed a Part II: why not step forward as editors also, the way we might in person, to introduce ourselves and give a sense of the spirit behind the magazine? And so it has turned out, fifty-four videos later. As you engage with the Virtual Launch of AGNI 91, we step in here with our enthusiastic addendum.

AGNI 91’s full roster of new writing is available online for the next three months. Please know that, as always, this issue lives first and best in print. Buying it is just one of the ways you can support our work. We are grateful for funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Mass Cultural Council, and a roster of more than 100 engaged individual donors. We toast them, too, as we raise a glass to AGNI 91!

Sven Birkerts, Coeditor, welcomes you to the Virtual Launch and discusses what compels him as he reads.

William Pierce, Coeditor, tells a story about AGNI 91‘s proofs and reads from the issue’s introductory essay.

Julia Brown, Fiction Editor, reads the opening of one of her favorite short stories, “The Remission” by Mavis Gallant.

Mary O’Donoghue, Fiction Editor, talks about how she thinks as she reads for the magazine.

Ariel Courage, Assistant Fiction Editor, thinks through the elusive common thread that connects the stories she champions.

Amber Caron, Assistant Fiction Editor, celebrates the conversations here—both behind the scenes and out with our readers.

Ben Black, Assistant Fiction Editor, considers what makes a story “jump out from the pile.”

Ruben Quesada, Poetry Editor, hunts down music in the lines.

Jessica Q. Stark, Assistant Poetry Editor, describes the pleasures of exploring new work.

Esteban Rodriguez, Assistant Poetry Editor, takes us through his most recent stay-at-home reading.

Rachel Mennies, Reviews Editor and director of AGNI’s social media presence, thinks about the space that reviewing creates, and invites you to extend the conversation on Twitter.

Grace Singh Smith, Blog Editor, considers the responsibility she feels during the pandemic, as writer and daughter.

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