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Editor’s Note


Across My Big Brass Bed
Troika for Lovers
from The Anchor’s Long Chain
Translated from the French by Hoyt Rogers


High Compression: Information, Intimacy, and the Entropy of Life
What Will the Soul Do for Solace Then?
Crucibles: Intimations of Randomness


Winter in the Garden
Fire Season
Shadow of Two
The Last Man Who Knew Everything
Translated from the Italian by Martha Cooley and Antonio Romani
The Divine Right of Caprice
Adjacent to the way
Striking the Set
Chernobyl Eclogue

Art Feature

Where Were You When the Moon Was Full?
In Her Hands: The Art World Goes to War (essay)

Radical compressions and striking explosions. Brian Christian proposes a radical theory of art as information, and Senior Editor Bill Pierce riffs out further connections, while artist Aldwyth (as elucidated by fellow-artist Rosamond Purcell) offers uncannily apt illustration. Lovers’ beds abound—in fiction by Gary Amdahl, Michael Mejia, and Margo Berdeshevsky—and poets, including Adam Day, Garrett Keizer, Eva Hooker, and Deborah Pease, find what’s fresh and disturbing in the nothing new that is under the sun.

  EditorSven Birkerts
  Founding EditorAskold Melnyczuk
  Senior EditorWilliam Pierce
  Sr. Fiction EditorWilliam Giraldi
  Fiction EditorsJessica Keener
   William Charles Delman
  Poetry EditorsLynne Potts
   Jay Deshpande
  Asst. Poetry EditorSumita Chakraborty
  Advisory BoardLeslie Epstein
   Robert Pinsky
   Derek Walcott
   Rosanna Warren
  Editorial AssistantsCassie Schmitz
   Renee Emerson
   Trenton Pollard
   Indu Ohri
   Hank Backer
   Nikki Bazar
   Maia Rauschenberg
   Mara Birkerts
  Contributing EditorsLucie Brock-Broido
   John J. Clayton 
   William Corbett
   Stuart Dischell 
   Sharon Dunn, ed. emerita
   Thomas Sayers Ellis
   Marie Howe
   Diana Der-Hovanessian
   Ha Jin
   Alex Johnson
   Susan Johnson
   Fred Marchant
   Fiona McCrae
   Gail Mazur
   Joe Osterhaus
   Dzvinia Orlowsky
   Liam Rector (1949-2007)
   George Scialabba
   Tom Sleigh
   Sue Standing
   Oksana Zabuzhko
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