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Yuliya Musakovska
Portrait of Yuliya Musakovska

Yuliya Musakovska is the author of five poetry collections in Ukrainian, most recently The God of Freedom (2021). Her poems have been translated into several languages, such as English, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, and Estonian. A translator of contemporary Ukrainian poetry into English, she has received numerous literary awards, including Krok Publishing House’s DICTUM Prize, the Smoloskyp Poetry Award, and the Ostroh Academy Vytoky Award. She lives in the city where she was born, Lviv, Ukraine. (updated 4/2022)

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AGNI has published the following work:

Such Love
By Yuliya Musakovska
Translated from the Ukrainian by Olena Jennings and Yuliya Musakovska
AGNI 95 Print Only
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