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Luciana Erregue
Portrait of Luciana Erregue

Luciana Erregue is an Argentinian-Canadian art historian, academic, writer, translator, and editor whose work has appeared in Canadian and international journals such as Polyglot Magazine and The Selkie (U.K.). A Banff Centre Literary Arts Program alum, she is the owner of Laberinto Press, Western Canada’s press for underrepresented writers and world literature in translation, and maintains the blog SpectatorCurator, where she reflects on her professional life as a hyphenated Canadian. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta. (updated 10/2021)

AGNI has published the following translation:

The Solitary Cinerary Flower Ignites
by Carina Sedevich
Translated from the Spanish by Luciana Erregue
AGNI 94 Print Only
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