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Published: Sun Oct 1 2023
Eva Lin Fahey, Motherland (detail), 2021, acrylic on Grandmother’s table​​​​
Dreaming of the Mother Tongue

All of the featured pieces in Afterlives: An AGNI Portfolio of Asian Adoptee Diaspora Writing include details from these paintings by Eva Lin Fahey.


        A Long Way from Home, 2023, 22" x 14", watercolor and gouache


        The Deep Blue Sea, 2022, 22" x 15", watercolor on paper


        Dreaming of the Mother Tongue, 2021, 22" x 11", watercolor and acrylic


        50 Stars Gained, 2021, 22" x 11", watercolor and acrylic on paper


        High Tide, 2022, 30" x 22", watercolor and ink on paper


        Fading, 2022, 24" x 12.5", watercolor on paper


        Motherland, 2021, 42" x 30", acrylic on Grandmother's table


Next up in the portfolio: a hybrid piece to accompany the art feature“I Heard My Mother Tongue Today” by Eva Lin Fahey

Eva Lin Fahey (she/her) was born in Jingmen, China, during the One Child Policy. A transracial adoptee, she became a U.S. citizen at age three. A primarily water-based media artist, Fahey creates work that investigates her origins and the circumstances of other girls adopted from China, centering on themes of motherhood, intergenerational ties, and the East Asian diaspora. (updated 10/2023)

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