Editor’s Note

AGNI at Twenty-Five


Finem respice


The Difference between Us


from On Being an A-merican

Loving Mr. H

What Is An Omniscient Narrator?


The Whole Sky Is Mine

Incapable of Love


Interview with James McMichael

By Sue D. Burton

Translated by James McMichael

Portrait of the Artist as Invisible Man: An Interview with Charles Henry Rowell


The Tooth

Drafts of “The Tooth”

A Poet’s Education

Things no one knows

How To Kiss with Confidence

Influencing Factors


When We Spoke Last

Same Time Next Year

poem to be accompanied by galaxie 500

beside still waters

An Honest Heart—A Knowing Head

A Record of Loving Water

Drafts of “Question for the Director of Recycling”

Question for the Director of Recycling

Grandpa Paul

Chinese Tortoise in Harvard Yard

Action-Packed Sonnet


In This Shifting Apartment


The Opening

The Clearing



Hypnogogic Poetry

From Baghdad to Bohemia

Gary Snyder’s Mountains and Rivers Without End

Jeredith Merrin’s Shift

By Mary Maxwell

Translated by Jeredith Merrin

The Humanist’s Muse

Two Seconds

Our Twenty-fifth Anniversary issue, dedicated to first publications by new authors. Mary Sullivan, Tiffany Meyers, Derek Webster, Humair Yusuf, Traci Sobocinski (winner of the 2001 PEN New England Discovery Award), Meg Tyler, et al. Plus poetry by James Laughlin and Rafael Campo, a conversation between Sven Birkerts and Saul Bellow, and fiction by Percival Everett.

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