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Leonard Lewisohn
Portrait of Leonard Lewisohn

Leonard Lewisohn is a Research Associate at the Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, as well as a Research Associate and lecturer in Persian at The Institute of Ismaili Studies. His works include Beyond Faith and Fidelity: The Sufi Poetry and Teachings of Mahmud Shabistari (London, 1993), a critical edition of Divan-i Muhammad Shirin Maghribi (Tehran, 1993), and several works of translation on Persian Sufism. (updated 2003)

AGNI has published the following translation:

Sit Down by the River (Ghazal #262)
by Hafiz-I Shirazi
Translated from the Persian by Robert Bly and Leonard Lewisohn
AGNI 58 Print Only
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