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Lara Baladi
Portrait of Lara Baladi

Lara Baladi is internationally recognized for her multidisciplinary work. In her investigations into myths, archives, personal histories, and sociopolitical narratives, Baladi makes use of a wide range of mediums, including architecture, installation, collage, tapestry, perfume, and sculpture. In 2006, she
founded the artist residency Fenenin el Rehal (Nomadic Artists) in Egypt’s White Desert. During the 2011 Egyptian revolution and its aftermath, Baladi co-founded the media initiative Tahrir Cinema. Since 2014, Baladi has been a fellow at MIT’s Open Documentary Lab. For the 2015-16 academic year, she is the Ida Ely Rubin Artist in Residence at MIT’s Center for Art, Science and Technology. (updated 4/2016)

AGNI has published the following work:

Art Feature
Diary of the Future
AGNI 83 Print Only
Vodka-Chamomile: cocktail for a revolution (essay)
AGNI 83 Print Only
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