Letter to AGNI

By Marjorie Agosín

Translated by Cola Franzen

The Garden and the Abyss: Columbus’ Journal and Three Caribbean Writers

Letter to AGNI

Letter to AGNI

Letter to AGNI

Letter to AGNI

Letter to AGNI

The Poet in the Faubourg “Jewish”

Letter to AGNI

Letter to AGNI

Latin American Writing: Language and Spices, Resistance and Redemption


The Other Side

The Wizard

Beyond the Pale

from Chekhov Was a Doctor: Abraham and Isaac, Isaac the Truant

In the Kingdom of the Wise


Jimmy Hoffa’s Odyssey

By Ai


Northwest Passage

Two Faces


February 29, 1988

Minotaur Grief

Two Mexicanos Lynched in Santa Cruz, California, May 3, 1877

Nando Meets Papo

White Night

Final Testament

Land Surveyor

Letter in My Desk

Kimble Fugit


What to Do

A Late Visit to Robert Graves

A Portrait of the Master

My Knowledge of the Russian Language

Marching Towards Martyrdom

A Brother’s Advice

A Young Worker’s Lament to His Former Girlfriend

A Battalion Commander Complains to His Secretary

On the 20th National Anniversary

A Page from a Schoolboy’s Diary


A Thirteen-Year-Old Accuses His Teacher


The Broken Gull

What Anyone Really Wanted


The Crossroads

The Call

American Merchandise

“I Can Stand There in the Corner . . .”

The Winds of Saburtalo

By Serhiy Paradjanov

Translated by Larissa M. L. Zaleska Onyshkevych

Taking Out the Trash



The World’s Fair Cities

The Road Out

Arrival Song

Harvard Square Postcard

from Facts of Life: Life Raft, What Does She See, What’s So Funny, “The Unbelievable”

Among Friends


The Refugee


Eve of Geneva

I Pray for No More Reagans

Of Hell

from Flight Scene: Flight Scene Beginning; Flight Scene, Part II; Flight Scene: Final Frames

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