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Submit to our Portfolio “Futures in Translation”
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Published: Tue Feb 02 2021
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Submit to our Portfolio “Futures in Translation”

AGNI has a history of assembling portfolios that bring attention to rich and often underappreciated categories of writing. Poetry editor Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and nonfiction editor Shuchi Saraswat are coediting the latest: “Futures in Translation.”

This portfolio gathers together poets and writers in translation whose visions and witness provide wide-ranging literary response to present-day anxieties and address our collective future. Given our massive climate crisis, our proliferating wars, the disappearance of languages and cultures, and the re-emergence of ethno-nationalisms, how are poets and writers responding? How do they build on the legacies of the previous century and at the same time give voice to the pressures and prospects of our historical moment? We live in what feels like a new reality. Where are we headed?

We encourage translations of work from indigenous communities, and translations of earlier writers that also seem to meet our moment.

PLEASE NOTE that during the summer months, we will be considering Futures portfolio submissions sent by email.

For all portfolio inquiries, please contact agni@bu.edu, Re: “Futures in Translation.”

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