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Call for Applications: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Editors
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Published: Tue Jul 23 2019
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Call for Applications: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Editors

As part of AGNI’s ongoing mission of publishing the most responsive and engaging work of our time, we are expanding and diversifying our editorial team, aiming to widen the journal’s masthead and add new perspectives. In this current phase, we plan to bring on two new fiction editors, one new nonfiction editor, and three new poetry editors.

Applicants should have substantial reading and writing backgrounds—including a broad familiarity with not just contemporary but also earlier work in their genre. Applicants should also have a strong publication history and a notable community presence in their genre.


  • Send a CV/resume, including a full list of your publications.
  • Send a writing sample, up to 25 pages, that represents you as a writer.
  • List for us five books or writers that have been particularly influential in your life and literary thinking.
  • Send a cover letter that clearly states which genre you’re applying in and also addresses the following:
    • Describe your literary engagement. Do you have an editing background? Do you belong to a writing group?
    • Describe your familiarity with AGNI and the work it publishes. What do you see AGNI representing? What do you believe it should represent? What other magazines do you read? Which magazine that isn’t AGNI do you especially admire, and why?

We’re looking for editors:

  • who will judge for themselves, rather than focusing on what other editors might choose, and will work to share their tastes and reactions with the rest of the staff, always collegially;
  • whose aesthetic commitments connect in interesting ways with, and complement in surprising ways, the enthusiasms of those already on the masthead;
  • who are willing to work collaboratively with other editors, and sometimes with the authors themselves, during the manuscript-preparation process.

These positions, which come with a small annual stipend, require approximately ten hours of work a week, and involve reading submissions, sharing opinions, and making editorial suggestions. During June, July, and August, we don’t accept submissions through our online portal, so aside from any catch-up work, duties tend to be much lighter in summer. Our genre editors work remotely and can live anywhere in the world.

As we consider applicants, we will be especially drawn to those whose identities and experiences would broaden the weave of perspectives on the AGNI masthead.

Please note that AGNI staff are not eligible to publish their fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry in the magazine.

Applications must be received (agni [at] bu.edu) by August 14th, 2019. They will be read by a panel of current and former masthead editors.

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