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Register for our editors’ roundtable “The Vocation of Literary Editing”
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Published: Fri Oct 02 2020
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Register for our editors’ roundtable “The Vocation of Literary Editing”

AGNI continues the launch of issue 92 with one more live, online event featuring editors from AGNI and two other journals. We recommend you sign up early—and show up early—to ensure a seat.

  • Thursday, October 29, 2020, at 6:30 p.m. (EDT)

    Nicole Terez Dutton of Kenyon Review and Peter LaBerge of The Adroit Journal join AGNI‘s Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and Mary O’Donoghue

    • Online event, OPEN TO SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Click here to subscribe, or, if you’re already a subscriber and haven’t heard from us yet, please email us for access to this third night.
    • Editors from AGNI (Jennifer Kwon Dobbs and Mary O’Donoghue) host colleagues from Kenyon Review (Nicole Terez Dutton) and The Adroit Journal (Peter LaBerge) to discuss, in open conversation, what it means to be a literary editor in 2020, and how the calling has changed even in the last year. As a follow-up, the editors will take questions from the audience, including your questions about the selection and editing processes at three different journals.

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